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Watch The Book of Life 2014 Online

Manolo, a young man who is torn between fulfilling the expectations of his family and following his heart, embarks on an adventure that spans three fantastic worlds where he must face his greatest fears.

Watch She's the Man 2006 Online

When her brother decides to ditch for a couple weeks in London, Viola heads over to his elite boarding school, disguises herself as him, and proceeds to fall for one of her soccer teammates. Little does she realize she's not the only one with romantic troubles, as she, as he, gets in the middle of a series of intermingled love affairs.

Watch Coach Carter 2005 Online

Controversy surrounds high school basketball coach Ken Carter after he benches his entire team for breaking their academic contract with him.

Watch The Dilemma 2011 Online

A man discovers that his best friend's wife is having an affair.

Watch Stop-Loss 2008 Online

A veteran soldier returns from his completed tour of duty in Iraq, only to find his life turned upside down when he is arbitrarily ordered to return to field duty by the Army.

Watch This Is the End 2013 Online

While attending a party at James Franco's house, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and many other celebrities are faced with the apocalypse.

Watch Fighting 2009 Online

In New York City, a young counterfeiter is introduced to the world of underground street fighting by a seasoned scam artist, who becomes his manager on the bare-knuckling brawling circuit.

Watch Side Effects 2013 Online

A young woman's world unravels when a drug prescribed by her psychiatrist has unexpected side effects.

Watch Haywire 2011 Online

A black ops super soldier seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission.

Watch The Vow 2012 Online

A car accident puts Paige in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband Leo works to win her heart again.

Watch 10 Years 2011 Online

The night before their high school reunion, a group of friends realize they still haven't quite grown up in some ways.

Watch Dear John 2010 Online

A romantic drama about a soldier who falls for a conservative college student while he's home on leave.