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Watch Spite Marriage 1929 Online

An unimpressive but well intending man is given the chance to marry a popular actress, of whom he has been a hopeless fan. But what he doesn't realize is that he is being used to make the actress' old flame jealous.

Watch The Love Nest 1923 Online

In an attempt to forget his lost sweetheart, Buster takes a long trip at sea where he boards a whaling ship with a strict captain.

Watch The Balloonatic 1923 Online

A hapless amusement park attendant finds his run away balloon ride has left him in a strange predicament.

Watch The Cameraman 1928 Online

After becoming infatuated with a pretty office worker for MGM Newsreels, Buster trades in his tintype operation for a movie camera and sets out to impress the girl (and MGM) with his work.

Watch The Electric House 1922 Online

After being mistakenly certified as an electrical engineer, Buster is hired to wire a house.

Watch Daydreams 1922 Online

A sincere young man leaves his home to win his fortune so he can marry his home town sweetheart.

Watch The Blacksmith 1922 Online

Buster Keaton shoes horses and repairs cars, with mixed results.

Watch The Frozen North 1922 Online

Buster plays a bumbling villain in this parody of melodrama.

Watch Cops 1922 Online

A series of mishaps manages to make a young man get chased by a big city's entire police force.

Watch My Wife's Relations 1922 Online

By accident, Buster and an intimidating woman end up married.

Watch The Boat 1921 Online

Buster and his family go on a voyage on his homemade boat that proves to be one disaster after another.

Watch The Paleface 1922 Online

Buster helps a Native American tribe save their land from greedy oil barons.