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Watch Senn 2013 Online

Strange phenomena begin to plague Senn, a factory worker on the forgotten world, Pyom, when an enigmatic alien intelligence arrives to deliver him to the Polychronom.

Watch Jim Norton: American Degenerate 2013 Online

In the follow-up to his first EPIX comedy special Please Be Offended, caustic comedian Jim Norton continues to push every hot button he can find... all in the name of a good laugh, of course.

Watch Kumail Nanjiani: Beta Male 2013 Online

Stand up Special debuted July 20th 2013

Watch Doug Stanhope: Beer Hall Putsch 2013 Online

Named after Hitler's first failed coup attempt, Beer Hall Putsch draws you deeper into the acerbic comic's clear-sighted view of the world with his newest one hour stand-up special recorded live at Dante's in Portland.

Watch Christmas on the Bayou 2013 Online

A divorced workaholic executive goes back to her home town to spend Christmas with her son and mother. Through a rekindled romance and a small miracle, she discovers where her heart truly belongs.

Watch Beautiful Beast 2013 Online

In a twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale, Isabelle is all beauty--on the outside. A glamour-queen socialite, she spends her days spoiling herself and spending money like it's going out of style.

Watch When Jews Were Funny 2013 Online

Surveys the history of Jewish comedy.

Watch The Sky in Bloom 2013 Online

A successful human trafficker and dedicated family man is dying, but that's the least of his problems.

Watch The Maladjusted 2013 Online

Three friends struggle to maintain their hedonistic lifestyles as they approach 30. Delving into their story, we become subjected to their inane theories, absurd philosophies and warped sense of humor.

Watch Man Camp 2013 Online

Attempting to compete for the love of a beautiful woman, a self-declared sissy joins a man camp that "transforms boys into men," only to discover it's run by his dream girl's macho boyfriend.

Watch Americans in Bed 2013 Online

Ten American couples--captured in the comfort of their own beds--openly discuss romance, sex, trust and love in candid interviews.

Watch The Good Witch's Destiny 2013 Online

Cassandra Nightingale prepares to celebrate her birthday, hoping to bring as many of her friends and family together as possible.